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Transformer Consulting Services

Walter Wasinger has spent some 40 years on power transformers in positions such as Senior Design Engineer with a major transformer manufacturer in Australia, Transformer Engineering Manager with the NSW generation and high voltage transmission utility.

Since 1996, Walter Wasinger is an expert independent of manufacturers and users and available to provide service in all transformer related matters. The following specific types of projects were undertaken to-date:

  • Specification and design review associated with transformer contracts
  • Inspections and witness testing during manufacture
  • Condition assessment whilst the transformer is in service
  • Expert advice in transformer operational matters
  • Condition assessment on occasion of mid-life refurbishment
  • Failure investigation following in-service failures

Several recent investigations into the reason for in-service failures of transformers included investigation into the failure of two generator transformers in New Zealand, an investigation into the failure of a 90 MVA auto-transformer in Kuala Lumpur, investigation into the failure of two power transformers in Queensland and investigative contributions with respect to in-service failures over a 10-year period in the NSW high voltage grid.


Walter Wasinger regularly presents in transformer technology seminars in Australia, giving papers on the following subjects:

Short Circuit Forces in Transformers, Transformer Design, Reactor Design and Testing,
How to balance Risk and Cost, Design Reviews, Tap-changers, Power Transformer Operation,

Power Transformer Application, Moisture Ageing and Failures.

In 2002, Mr. Wasinger comprehensively presented transformer topics in a one-week workshop to engineers at Tenaga Nasional Berhad  in Kuala Lumpur.


Walter Wasinger is a past member of Standards Australia EL/8 Committee on transformers and on occasion still contributes the deliberations of that committee. He is and has been for many years a member of the Australian CIGRE transformer panel AP-12, its working group on OLTCs and also corresponding member of CIGRE SC-12.19 Short-circuit Performance.