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Transformer Load Simulator (TLS) Software

The transient behaviour of transformer load versus the various temperatures and other life reducing parameters is of increasing concern to utilities because of loading, security of supply and life expectancy reasons. These conflicting requirements can only be satisfied with increasingly complex analysis. The degree of complexity required is well illustrated in AS 2374.7 (IEC 354), devoting three parts out of four to methods, which simplify the required calculations just to avoid the use of transient equations.

Utilities need to assess transformer capabilities above nameplate rating when;

  • the system planner needs to decide on timely augmentation of an installation, 

  • the maintenance manager requires timing details before doing off-circuit maintenance

  • the system operator must decide on safe equipment loading after a fault on the system.

A proprietary program of Wasinger Transformers Pty. Ltd. determines transient temperatures in accordance with the previous and present Australian standards. It comprises separate databases for the transformers, load- and ambient temperature profiles, which can be freely combined to suit a particular set of circumstances. It further caters for two cooling modes, which permit switching at half-hourly intervals just as the transformer cooling is switched from the transformer winding temperature indicator. The output routines calculate ambient-, oil - and winding hot spot temperatures and also life consumption over a daily cycle either as input or scaled to user-defined limits. Different routines are provided to permit solutions to various problems. Comprehensive help screens are provided and all output tables as well as the transformer databases can be printed hard copy.

A free-issue CD is available for demonstration purposes. Full Licences cost $A1900 plus GST for installation on the first PC with subsequent licences half price.

A significant proportion of utilities in Australia and New Zealand including some of the largest transmission utilities use the program and enquiries have been received from Europe and USA.

Walter Wasinger and Oridium's Glenn Dogao, the partners in this project welcome enquiries and are happy to assist with transformer specific advice especially changing over from existing methods of assessment.

Mr.Wasinger during a presentation at Nemmco.